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Rice Processing

The unhusked rice has to be reaped at the right maturity because if the rice is harvested too early, it does not preserve well and, if it is reaped too late, the ripe grains fall off and are lost.

Processing from unhusked rice into white rice
The first stage is called "hulling" and it consists in the removal of the husk (chaff of grain) by means of a hulling machine, equipped with two rubber rolls that turn at variable speed. The brown rice (semi-processed) or hulled rice is obtained in this way.
The brown rice is then refined by machines, equipped with rotating abrasive surfaces.
The next stage consists in the separation of whole grains from the broken ones, produced in the various processing steps, by sorting machines.
The rice obtained, called "refined rice", is then finally sorted by an optical fiber machine that ejects all dark,irregular grains and small
The rice is now ready for packaging and selling.
On top you can see the new packing machines where the rice is packed after the processing.

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